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Best Free Places to Promote Your Website Online

Launching a website was a difficult task before. But nowadays, it has been a very easy with the help of simple and amazing Content Management Systems such as WordPress or Magento.

Though, after processing and making the website, marketing it and getting traffic is also as important as your website in existence. One of the first steps is to find valuable websites and online platforms that will allow you to highlight your website and to slit any backlinks to your website.

So, here we have enlisted 30+ free websites to promote your websites online and get the best out of them.

So, let's start.

Online Directories for your Businesses

Online directories work as local directories for businesses, and these below websites cover a classic range of audiences around you. And even listing your website or business is pretty much same and simple. Additionally, direct display of your content, and add your links to these directories can improve your site's SEO and even gives you backlinks.

  • Google My Business

  • Yellow Pages

  • Submit Express

  • Bing Places

  • eLocal

  • Merchant Circle

  • Insider Pages

  • MapQuest

  • Manta

  • Super Pages

  • Simply Worthy


  • Moo-Directory

  • Entire Web

  • EZ Local

  • SubmitX

  • So Much

Others apart from above is

Social Media and User-Generated Contents

As everyone around you is on Facebook and so does all the businesses and their audiences. Each social media has plenty to offer to websites and their owners. There are many social media channels apart from Facebook.

Do you even know Pinterest and its advantages? And not only social media, user-generated content sites like Wikihow that gives guides and tutorials, do you know what are the benefits of these websites?

The links below can prove extremely helpful to promote your website and even for lead your website to branding.

  • Facebook Page for businesses and brands

  • Google+

  • LinkedIn

  • Pinterest

  • Twitter

  • Quora

  • Yelp

  • Buzzfeed Community

  • WikiHow

  • Yahoo Answers (Level 3 and upwards allows to post URLs in answers)

And if you are familiar with this, you must be familiar with

Social Bookmarking and Curating

This website even operates on the basis of link-submission, but the main motto here is content, unique content, informative content. You could submit a link to your main page or individual pages, products, images or anything.

What these websites do is they then circulate your content to their audiences and it will drive traffic to your website. And, it will ultimately be helpful in boosting your SEO by connecting your links to textual content.

  • Delicious

  • Stumble Upon

  • Reddit

  • Digg

  • Juxtapost

  • Product Hunt


  • Akonter

  • MetaFilter

So, these are the different kinds of best free places to promote website online to get the most of them by gaining audience and customers.

If you have any questions regarding any of these websites, you can simply mention it below, or even if you have any other websites that should be enlisted in any of the above mention that too and we will update the lists.

One question? On which of the above websites you are already working on?

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn


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